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Is There An App To Tell If Money Is Fake

Of course people are getting paid. Do you know how much money the people behind botnets earn for their illicit activities? Ridiculous amounts. If they didn’t pay, people would just up & leave so their plan wouldn’t work Instead, they drip feed a little of the money they earn to their members to keep them running the app on their devices. Some of these fake review websites are saying that Quantum AI was “reportedly” founded by ex-Wall Street bankers who partnered with developers from MIT. They go on to say that together they were able to develop this trading app.

Again, these are more lies and there is not much more to be said about that. To Prove Our Point 10. #CashAppFridays. Perhaps the most confusing Cash App scam there is, #CashAppFridays comes from a very legitimate source—the app itself. Every Friday, Cash App uses this hashtag to promote.